Solar-powered Airstream coffee shop up and running

News Release, Oct 1, 2020 – Locally owned and operated, On the Edge Coffee is proud to announce the inauguration of its mobile solar-powered Airstream coffee shop. Join us Sat, Oct. 3 and Oct. 10 at the last outdoor Edmonton Downtown Farmers’ Markets of the summer for a coffee and chat and learn about our premium beans, brewing processes and the new solar technology that powers our rig. 

“We are excited to be able to offer exceptional coffee in a unique way at events and locations all over the city and beyond,” says Jodine Chase, co-owner and confessed coffee fanatic. “Our family has enjoyed this Airstream for years and as our kids have all grown up, we wanted to preserve those memories and do something really cool in our next chapter.”

Our 27-foot trailer is an upcycled 1972 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht, with as much of the original character preserved as possible while still operating as a coffee shop. It is solar powered – with propane augment – using a VOLTstack power station with solar recharge. Our silent, emissions-free generator was made in Vancouver by Portable Electric and is provided by Calgary rental house Portable Power Solutions

On the Edge Coffee features locally roasted specialty coffee, lovingly made, as espresso drinks, brewed coffee, pour overs, and flavoured drinks. Our current featured roasters are 8 Acres and Grizzlar, with Transcend joining our lineup in October. Local roasters provide us with ethically sourced beans – always fresh and perfectly aged – from all over the world.
On the Edge Coffee operates a permanent stall upstairs at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market every Saturday and Sunday, year-round. Our new portable venue allows us to provide hot and cold beverages at our outdoor market as well as at other events and locations in the capital region, and on occasion, farther afield. Perhaps at your next outdoor fundraiser or winter event! 

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Media tours available upon request. Technical detail sheet attached.

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Jodine Chase
On the Edge Coffee


Equipment details

Solar Power
On the Edge Coffee’s mobile coffee trailer draws power from a 5K portable solar generator. Each morning the battery has 5,000 watt hours of energy stored, ready to provide continuous power. Solar panels are connected to supplement power used by charging throughout the operating day, when sun is available.

VoltStack 5K 
by Vancouver’s Portable Electric, leased from Calgary’s Portable Power Solutions
5000W for 1 hour, or 500W for 10 hours of continuous power
Long-life, 10 – 15 year / 4000+ cycle lithium ion batteries.
Solar/wind recharge
2.5 hour fast recharge

SUNstack 200 from Portable Electric/Portable Power Solutions
Portable and maneuverable, it folds out into two solar panels to deliver up to 1600Wh over the course of a sunny day. The SUNstack also dramatically increases the capacity of the VOLTstack 2K and 5K units, extending run times by upwards of 30%.

Our onboard brewer is a 110 volt, 1600 watt Technivorm Moccamaster CDT Grand from Transcend Coffee. It is an energy efficient, durable, long-lifespan brewer built by hand in The Netherlands with only recyclable materials. We brew into a thermal pot so the only power used is when the device’s heat exchanger is processing the water. 

110 volt, 15 amp, 1600 watt La Marzocco Linea Mini from National Cappuccino

Slow coffee
Hario V60 hand pour-over with biodegradable filter
Aeropress immersion brewer 

Nuova Simonelli MCD grinder

On the Edge Coffee’s hot water system is a Girard GSWH-2 RV instant-on, propane-fueled, hot water heater: using 60% less energy, with higher propane combustion efficiency, and heat transfer efficiency in excess of 90% (less heat wasted to the atmosphere). 

Built-in vintage Dometic three-way refrigerator is energy efficient and runs on electricity and propane, but it is larger than we need for most of our operations. We are using a small low-draw electric fridge for day-to-day needs.