Sustainable packaging

Our coffee packaging is garden compostable. Just take off the tin-tie and the seal and string (we use these as fasteners for other things) and place it with your items for compost. Here is what maker @tekpaksolutions , a Canadian firm, says about the packaging:

Imagine a New Group of Packaging Options that :

  • are Omnidegradable ® anywhere there are active microbes- works with any Plastic – Films, Tubs, Bottles, Jars, Pouches, etc.
  • World’s First Omnidegradable ® – Ultra High Barrier – BOPET, BOPP, One Way Valves, as well as PE and Bio-Foil.
  • are the ONLY films Shelf-Stable indefinitely – will not break down on the shelf
  • Biodegrades in Anaerobic Landfills (worst case scenario) and many other places such as Oceans
  • will revert to their original elements harmlessly, quickly and completely and are Beneficial to Plant Growth.
  • have Scientifically Proven technology – Independent Lab Studies
  • replaces virtually all types of plastics, simply and effectively
  • Recyclable when not laminated
  • are currently in use around the world
  • retains the same properties as the original plastics
  • cost relatively little to create such a large shelf-impact
  • considered to be “The only viable option”.