We're roasting at the market!

We're now roasting coffee right in our kiosk at the Edmonton Downtown Farmer's Market using a zero-emissions Bellwether Roaster. This first-of-its-kind recirculating roasting technology removes particulates and volatile organic compounds in real-time, reducing the carbon footprint of roasting by an average of 90%. The addition of the Bellwether Roaster to On the Edge Coffee helps us to provide freshly roasted, delicious coffee while making sustainability a priority for both the planet and our city. 

“Our priority is to provide customers with the best coffee while making a positive impact on our community," says On the Edge Coffee's head roaster Jenny Graham. "This new roasting method offers environmental sustainability and consistently roasted quality coffee. With Bellwether, we’re saving money, helping the environment, and our team can focus on what’s important — the coffee experience for our customers.

Canada is one of the biggest per-capita coffee consuming nations in the world, and since the outset of the pandemic, a whopping 87 per cent of Canadians now prepare coffee at home. There is a growing interest in higher quality and sustainable coffee, which is leading our customers to care more about how their coffee is grown, sourced, roasted, and served. Canadians are also embracing the local food movement, and with that comes interest in being able to trace coffee from the cup all the way back to the farm. Our Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market customers are enthusiastic participants in making the coffee industry more sustainable.

“In-store roasting at cafes, restaurants, and other establishments should be the rule, not the exception,” said Bellwether CEO, Nathan Gilliand. “By purchasing a Bellwether Roaster, On the Edge Coffee is not only roasting delicious coffee, but they are investing in equitable futures for coffee farmers through purchasing green coffee from our marketplace, and in sustainability for our environment by eliminating harmful emissions in the roasting processes.”

Customers in the Edmonton area can now try coffee roasted on the Bellwether Roaster at On the Edge Coffee. For further information, visit ontheedgecoffee.ca and www.bellwethercoffee.com

About On the Edge Coffee

We believe coffee is one of life’s necessities. Roasting, brewing and selling coffee is a natural extension of our passion for the beverage and its ability to bring people together. On the Edge Coffee is an independent family business on the east edge of downtown Edmonton. We live in and around central Edmonton: downtown, in Riverdale, and in Boyle. We support the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market as our place of employment and our closest primary grocery store. We are proud vendors and feel privileged to be able to buy healthy sustainable local food in such a great location – the historic GWG/Army and Navy building on 97 Street. We roast and sell specialty coffee from around the world. We work with companies to source green beans ethically so farmers are paid enough to help them earn a living wage. And we roast on a zero-emissions Bellwether Roaster.

About Bellwether Coffee

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Bellwether Coffee is making coffee roasting more accessible, and more sustainable for the environment and our communities. With the most consistent and controllable roaster available, Bellwether's customers—from large brands to small neighbourhood cafes—are in complete control of their coffee offerings using the electric, ventless, zero-emissions, award-winning Bellwether Roaster and intuitive roasting software. Bellwether Coffee is the recipient of the Best New Product award for 2019 by the Specialty Coffee Association. For more information, visit bellwethercoffee.com.