Mataquesuintla, Guatemala

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Mataquesuintla, Guatemala

Medium Roast

We're pleased to be able to carry coffee from Guatemala's Mataquescuintla region again in 2022 as part of a growing Canadian roaster and importer effort to support the Xinca people and their resistance to the Canadian owned Escobal silver mine, which threatens the health and wellbeing of the local community through deforestation and water contamination. 

This beautiful coffee was sourced by Kat at 8 Acres Coffee Roastery and roasted on a zero-emissions Bellwether at the Edmonton Downtown Farmer's Market. 

Region: San Miguel, Mataquesuintla, Guatemala
Producer: Jorge Abel Ortiz Gonzáles
Varietal: Pache San Ramón
Altitude: 1600 meters
Process: Washed, patio dried
Roast Level: Medium

Farm background: In 1967 Abel Ortiz's grandfather Felipe planted the first coffee variety on the farm. It was the Bourbon variety and in 1987 his father planted another variety; Pache San Ramon. Since that time Abel has been able to consistently keep a good crop of that variety. Back then there were no mining companies in the area so the soil and product as a bit better. Since 2000 he has continued planting Pache and continues to improve quality year over year. Abel also tries to farm sustainably by replacing forests and trying to keep a balance between farming and nature. The farm is at 1600m above sea level. He would like to thank everyone that continues to buy his coffee for and let them know how important it is for his and his families livelihood.

- Jorge Abel Ortiz Gonzáles