A. Mataquesuintla French Roast, Guatemala (On the Edge Coffee)

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SOLD OUT! We have more coffee from this region on order. Meanwhile, try the Tanzania Ngorongoro Peabody Honey!


From the Mataquescuintla region of Guatemala, back by request from customers who love a delightfully darkly roasted bean.

Region: San Miguel, Mataquesuintla, Guatemala

Producer: Reyes de Jesús Torres Juárez

Varietal: Pache San Ramón

Altitude: 1600 meters

Process: Washed, patio dried

We're pleased to be able to carry coffee from Guatemala's Mataquescuintla region again in 2021 as part of a growing Canadian roaster and importer effort to support the Xinca people and their resistance to the Canadian owned Escobal silver mine, which threatens the health and wellbeing of the local community through deforestation and water contamination.