A. Colombia - Café Mesa de los Santos (On the Edge Coffee)

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Region: Mesa de Los Santos, Santander, Colombia
Producer: Oswaldo Acevedo
Varietal: Cattura
Altitude: 1600 meters
Process: Washed, fully dried in the sun

COLOMBIA ORGANIC SMBC* MESA DE LOS SANTOS is sourced from a family-owned estate located near Bucaramanga in the department of Santander, Colombia. Selected and imported by Single Origin in Calgary through Royal Coffee, which has had a long history with Oswaldo and La Mesa de Los Santos, which started over a decade ago with a fair compensation program designed to pay wages well above the Colombian minimum salary to the hardworking farmers cultivating and processing the coffee. Because of the program, workers and their families have also benefited from free health care, education stipends for children, insurance coverage for temporary or permanent work disability, and a pension fund to provide retirement benefits. Oswaldo also continues his dedicated organic and sustainable farming practices to protect the health of environment and the workers.

*SMBC or "bird-friendly" coffee is a special certification for coffee that ensures biodiverse shade cover for birds on coffee farms. 

Sourced by On the Edge Coffee and roasted locally in collaboration with 8 Acres Coffee Roastery.