A. Colombia - Finca Santa Maria | Mildred Muñoz (On the Edge Coffee)

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Finca Santa Maria | Mildred Muñoz

Region: Aratoca, Santander, Colombia
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and Typica
Altitude: 1700- 1950 MASL
Process: Full natural and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain
Certifications: *Bird-friendly, Organic, Rainforest

Looking to support women in coffee? Mildred Muñoz has dedicated Santa María, a 75-acre family farm, to be run entirely by women. The group of 22 women control everything from leadership decisions through quality control. The project is new, but the women have support from Mildred and her husband Oscar Daza who have another farm nearby called La Pradera. The alliance gives the women at Santa Maria access to award winning processing protocols developed at La Pradera. The cherries for this particular lot were meticulously selected and fermented in an anaerobic and aerobic environment before being placed on raised beds for drying.

"Bird-Friendly" or SMBC coffee is a special certification from the Smithsonian for coffee that ensures biodiverse shade cover for migrating birds on coffee farms. 

Sourced from Royal Coffee via Single Origin. Roasted locally in collaboration with 8 Acres Coffee Roastery.