Brasil - Parceiros do Café (On The Edge Coffee)

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Region: Minas Gerais
Varietal: Cataui
Altitude: 1100 MASL
Process: Washed
Roast Profile: Dark Roast

Tasting Notes  Toffee | Dried Fig | Semi-Sweet Morsels

About this Coffee
Parceiros do Café is an exclusive Bellwether lot made up of coffee sourced from four different farms—Boa Vista, Fazenda Furnas, Mato Cipo, and Apostolo Simao. Each of these farms is run by dedicated families spanning the Minas Gerais region. We built this lot with quality, transparency, and traceability in mind and established relationships with each of the farms based on both the quality of the cup and the farms' openness to partner with us on data transparency. Each component brings its own unique quality to the blend and together makes a consistently delicious and clean cup of coffee. 

Flavour Profile

The newest lot of Brazil Parceiros do Café is truly a delectable and refreshing coffee. Expressive and layered, it exhibits an array of flavors from tart dried apricot to dark brown sugar and many others in between. It expresses a deep, round and rich sweetness reminiscent of semi-sweet morsels and fruit leather with a hint of spice. 

Living Income Pricing

80% of the world’s coffee farmers live below the poverty line and current prices paid to farmers do not meet farmers’ livelihood needs. This coffee was purchased using Bellwether’s Living Income Pricing benchmark which ensures that coffee producers were paid a fair, sustainable wage. By purchasing this coffee you’re helping interrupt poverty among coffee farmers by paying a price that closes the living income gap. 

Roasted on a zero-emissions Bellwether.