Red Strap Espresso

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Our spunky Red Strap Espresso evokes the historic GWG Factory's signature blue jean and coverall brand with its red hammer strap across the pant leg. In the 1950s, schoolyard bullies tried to rip the red straps off of the pants, and it became a mark of toughness if you managed to keep your red straps.1

This blend is 90 % Brazil Parcieros Do Café, a creamy, full-bodied, very sweet, coffee with mellow acidity. This is an exceptional coffee for espresso, as it will produce a syrupy shot with a thick layer of crema and lots of sweetness. The blend is enhanced by 10 % Ethiopian Guji Natural which brings next-level of deliciousness to the cup. 

Roasted on a zero-emissions Bellwether at the Edmonton Downtown Farmer's Market in the historic GWG building.

1 Cole, C. C., & Elliott, R. G. (2010). GWG Brands. Piece by Piece. Retrieved June 5, 2022, from http://gwgpiecebypiece.ca/en/products/gwgbrands.html