Reserva El Triunfa FTO - Mexico

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This women’s free-trade, organic lot is from the cooperative Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas (CESMACH), which was founded in 1994. CESMACH’s long-term success is rooted in their guiding principles which aim to strike a balance between developing social programs and building a competitive business. Conservation of natural resources and strong values of respect, loyalty, democracy, and non-discrimination are pillars of the cooperative. CESMACH farmers live in the buffer zone of the El Triunfo biosphere where organic coffee farming is strongly promoted in the delicate cloud forest habitat.

Tasting notes: The Mexico Reserva El Triunfo exhibits layers of deep sweetness, an exceptionally syrupy body and a well-balanced acidity. Tasting the lighter roasts we got notes of tamarind, raw sugar, walnut, vanilla and caramel. 

Impact: CESMACH is focused on both environmental and social impact in their community. Conservation of natural resources, strong values of respect, loyalty, democracy and non-discrimination and profitability and efficiency are pillars of the cooperative.